Vaastu for Office
Vaastu Image

Vastu of office require proper analysis and orientation of business house, here are some tips for Vastu office:

  • East / North facing office is considered good 
  •  The square or rectangle site is best for office structure.
  • Water resource  must be placed or installed in North-east of the office.
  • The main head or owner of the business organization must face north while working or dealing with client.
  • Northern or eastern sides are suitable for executive and other staff.
  • Managerial level and other high level people in the office must be made to sit in Southern or Western portion so that they must face North or East while sitting in office
  • North-east portion of office should be left empty with water resource installed.
  • Toilets should be built in West or North-western side. Avoid toilet in South-east, North-east & East.
  • Pantry should be constructed in South-east.
  • Staircase is best made in South, South-west or West. Avoid stairs in centre or Brahmsthan of office.
  • Reception and cashier must be designed in North-east.
  • If there is temple in the office construct in North-east.
  • Do not make employees sit under the beam.
  • Waiting room can be made in North-west or North-east.
  • Accounts department should be located in south east