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The term ‘Vaastu’ is derived from Sanskrit which means “Bhumi or Earth”. Vaastu Shastra (the science of Earth) states that every material in the universe radiates some energy at its own specific frequencies which energy may be positive or negative. While Positive energy is beneficial negative energy is said to be harmful. Vaastu shastra aims at maximizing the accumulation of positive energy around the humans and minimize the negative energy. Positive Energy can be concentrated in different shapes and forms by using positive materials for construction. The proper alignment of building with proportionate sizes harmonizes the energy and gives peace of mind to those who live in that premises. In short Vaastu harmonizes the cosmic forces and makes a pleasant environment to live-in.

Vaastu is believed to be bridging human beings and nature.  The adoption of Vaastu enables us to reap the benefits from the power and influence of the Natural forces such as  sunlight, moonlight , wind , magnetic field, gravitation force, etc.,

Traditional history of Vaastu:

Historical ascriptions quote that the foundation for Vastu was laid by the sage Mamuni Mayan and Vishvakarman in India. Vastu has its inscriptions in different epics like Matsya Purana, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana and Vishnu Purana.

When Lord Shiva fighting with Demon called Andhakasura, his sweat falls on the ground. Out of this the demon Vastupurusha born. Birth of Vaastu purusha is traced back to Kritayuga. Being hungry he started devouring everything. The demon who started growing gigantically in all directions created panic among the Asta-digpalakas who feared their existence itself. Hence they prayed Lord Brahma for help. The creator Brahma suggested the Asta-digpalakas to force the demon to fall on his face by applying pressure from behind. Overwhelmed by the suggestion the Asta-digpalakas attacked the demon from behind, forcibly folded his hands and made him fall down on his knees and bent him, thus capturing him in the crawling position as shown in the fig. below. Then the demon, in turn, prayed to Lord Brahma, who appeared before him and granted a boon saying that he would henceforth be known as ‘Vaastupurusha’ and assured him of immortality as long as his creation existed. The creator Brahma explained that the demon was to shower happiness on anyone who offered prayers to him before starting the construction of any building.

Vaastu Purusha Mandala :

The Vaastu shastra is based on the body position of the ‘Vaastupurusha’ and the places of the ‘Asta-digpalakas’.





North East : The place of the Vaastu purusha‘s head is called “Eshanya” . The position of Lord Shiva.

East : The place of the Vaastu purusha’s Right hand  is called “Poorva” . The position of Lord Indra .

South East : The place of the Vaastu purusha’s Right Knee  is called “Agneya” . The position of Lord Agni .

South  : The place of the Vaastu purusha’s Right thigh  is called “Dhakshina” . The position of Lord Yama.

South west  : The place of the Vaastu purusha’s feet along with the seat  is called “Niruthya” . The position of demon Niruthi (Asura).

West  : The place of the Vaastu purusha’s Left thigh  is called “Paschima” . The position of Lord Varuna.

North west: The place of the Vaastu purusha’s Left Knee  is called “Vayuvya” . The position of Lord Vayu.

North : The place of the Vaastu purusha’s Left hand  is called “Uttara” . The position of Lord Kubhera.


The 5 elements in Vaastu :

The Whole universe made up of 5 basic elements i.e water, fire, earth, air and the sky.

According to Vaastu shastra, these elements are properly accommodating in our site and building as follows.

Water : North-east portion of the site is known as “Jalasthana” (place of Water). Hence the Underground water tank (Sump), Drilling of bore well should be done here for happiness and prosperity of the owner.

Fire : South-east portion of the site is known as “ Agnisthana”. (place of fire). Hence the place of fire, Kitchen and any other places related to fire should be constructed here. Then the fire should be lit facing east even while cooking, and lighting the lamp for God.

Earth : South-west portion of the site is known as “Niruthya” (heaviest part) . Hence the higher part of the building should be constructed here for the fame and fortune of the Owner.

Wind : North-west portion of the site is known as “ Vayusthana”. (place of wind). Hence the opening of the building like Windows and Ventilators are to be done here. Then owner of the site can experience happiness, improvements in business and good friends.

Sky : The centre portion of the Building is known as “ Brahmasthana”.( place of open to sky). Hence the center of the building should be kept open to sky or free from heavy weight.

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Vaastu for Residence
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Kitchen:  The Kitchen is one of most important parts of residential building. Hence it should be constructed in right portion of the building i.e South East

  • SOUTH EAST portion of the house is ideal for locating kitchen.
  • NORTH WEST portion of the house could be considered for making kitchen as alternate.
  • Cooking stove should be placed in SOUTH EAST portion of the house in such a way that the cooking person should face towards EAST
  • The Sink in kitchen should be placed in North east portion of the Kitchen far away from the cooking stove.
  • The window should be placed in Eastern portion of the kitchen and ventilator should be in southern portion
  • The water filter or water storage in kitchen should be placed in NORTH EAST portion of the kitchen.
  • Electric equipment like microwave, oven or refrigerator should be placed in South east corner of the Kitchen.
  •  The cylinder should be placed in the South West corner of the Kitchen.
  • The exhaust fan should be placed in south wall of the kitchen.


Guest Room :  NORTH WEST  position is best for Guest room.

  • The bed should be placed in the South / West   direction of the room.
  • Head  towards south while sleeping.
  • Electronic items should be on the Southeast wall of the room.
  • Bath room door should not be directly opposite to the Bed.
  • There should not be any beam running over the bed.
  • The wardrobe or storage cabinets should be in south / west wall of the room.


Master Bed :  Master bed should be in South west potion of the house.

  • Head while sleeping  towards South / West /East never in North  direction of the room.
  • Electronic items should be on the Southeast wall of the room.
  • Bath room door should not be directly opposite to the Bed.
  • The Bed should not be place opposite to the bed room door.
  • No mirror should be placed in front of the bed.
  • There should not be any beam running over the bed.
  • The wardrobe or storage cabinets should be in south / west wall of the room.
  • The colour of the room should be always earthen colour Like brown, almond.


Study room:  Study room should be in East/ west/ North East potion of the house.

  • Head while sleeping  always towards East  direction of the room.
  • Students must face towards East / Notht while studying.
  • Student should not face towards blank wall, window while studying.
  • Electronic items should be on the Southeast wall of the room.
  • Toilet should not be attached to the study room, however both room is OK
  • The Bed should not be place opposite to the room door
  • The shelves should not be place over the study table.
  • There should not be Square / rectangle study table. The ratio of length and width should not be more than 1:2.


Living:  Living / drawing room should be in East or North potion of the house.

  • The Door of the Living should be in East or West.
  • The sitting arrangement should be facing East or North.
  • The furniture should be placed in West or South wall of the Living.
  • The TV Unit should be in 1st quadrant of the South East direction.
  • The furniture’s in Living Should be in square or Rectangular pattern only.
  • The portraits of God or Waterfall should be hung  in North East Corner.
  • The colour of the wall and tiles should be yellow, blue, green  avoid red and black colour.
  • More openings like Window and Ventilators should be placed in North and East direction.



  • North East portion of the house is best for Pooja room, but it should not touch the North East corner of the house, at least it should be 0.5m away from the corner
  • Pooja room can be construct in any place of the house but the idols or Photographs of the God should be facing East or West only
  • West door of pooja is best for house, East and North are optional but south is not recommended
  • White colour is best for pooja.
  • Pooja  should not be located just below the running stairs.



  • West direction is best for dining.
  • East is the second option.
  • Dining Table should be in Square or Rectangular
  • Dining Table should not be sticking to the wall.
  • The Door of Pooja / Toilet should not open in front of dining area.
  • The wash Basin should be in North East portion of the Dining.
  • The Main door of the House and Dining should not be facing each other.



  • North west portion of the house is ideal for toilets
  • Alternate position of Toilet is south or west.
  • Northeast, North and East are not permissible.
  • W.C should be in Northwest / Southeast corner facing North or South.
  • Toilet should be away from Kitchen and Dining as possible.
  • Mirror should always be in East or North wall.
  • W.C should not be just below the running stairs.


Sump and over head Tank:

  • Sump tank should be in North east direction.
  • Sump Tank should not cross the diagonal line of Northeast and Southwest corner.
  • Sump Tank should be Square or rectangular in shape..
  • Over Head Tank should be in South west corner of the house.
  • Septic tank should be in North west corner of the house.



  • Stair case should be in South, West, Southwest direction
  • Stairs should be constructed in clock wise. Anti clock wise should be avoided.
  • Number of stairs should not be even, stairs are good in Odd numbers.
  • Circular stairs should be avoided and stairs in the center of the house is also avoided.
  • The climbing of stairs should be  from North to South  or East to West.


Entrance Gate:

The Entrance of a house is the gateway from which energies constantly goes in and out.

  • Entrance gate of house should placed  only in Utchasthana
  • Entrance gate should be heavier, stronger and bigger than tha other gate.
  • Avoid keeping garbage or dustbin near the entrance.
  • Main door should not face intersecting roads.
  • Main door should always open inwards.
  • Entrance gate should not face temple.
  • Lift of the Building should not face the Entrance Gate.


Car garage

  • The position of the car garage should be built in Southeast or southwest or northwest away from the main building



  • The window should be built more in the North or East directions as the morning sunrays are very good for the health.
  • The windows should be avoid in Southwest direction.
  • The small windows or ventilators can be built in the north of northwest.



  • The position of the door according to vaastu shastra should be in Ucchastana only.
  • There should be even number of doors in a house like 2,4,6,8,10,12………
  • The ucchastana of North and East are the first grade doors.
  • The ucchastana of West and south are second grade doors.


Store room:

The store rooms should be placed in Southwest or Northwest portion of building as it is beneficial in terms of providing shortage of grains.

  • The windows in this room should be made on Eastern or Western sides and height should be more than other rooms
  • The colour chosen in store room should be tints of white, yellow or blue.
  • A picture of Lord Vishnu must be placed on the Eastern wall of store room.
  • Store annual stock of granary in South-west corner while daily use grains must be stored in North-west direction.
  • Things like oil, ghee, refined and gas cylinder etc should be stored in South-east corner of storage.
  • Avoid any kind of empty container in storage room.
  • Never sleep in storage room as the vibrations tends to obstruct people’s sleep.

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Vaastu for Commercial Complex
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  • The major construction of the building should be in South/West side of the area.
  • The generators and other electrical equipments should always be kept in the southeast corner.
  • Staircase should be provided on southwest and should always be clockwise while climbing up.
  • Bore-well, underground tank should be in Northeast.
  • The overhead tank should be made in the Southwest.
  • Adequate lawns with big trees should be developed in south and west and
  • The toilet should be constructed in Northwest or Western corner and never in Northeast corner.
  • The slope of the land should be towards North or East.
  • There should be lot of windows on the North & East walls as compared to South & West walls.
  • The shape of the building should always be square or rectangular shape

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Vaastu for Industries
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  • More open space should be provided in the east and the North side than in the West and South side.
  • The sloping of the floors should be towards East, North and Northeast sides and never towards South, West.
  • Thicker walls should be constructed in the South and West Side of the building and the thinner walls should be in the North and east sides.
  • The staircase should be in the Southwest side.
  • The underground water tank should be in Northeast side.
  • The overhead water tank should be in the Southwest corner.
  • Toilets must be placed in Northwest or Western corners but should never be constructed in the Northeast and Southwest corners.
  • Administrative office and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East.
  • Staff quarters, Outhouse should be built in the Northwest corner.
  • Basement should be constructed in the east, North or Northeast corner of the proposed building.
  • Heavy machinery should be placed in the Southwest, West & South zones.
  • Northeast and centers of the building should be avoided for placing anything heavy.
  • The heat zone or the burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys should be in the Southeast corner.
  • No garbage should be dumped in the Northeast corner of the building or at the site, north or the east corner should always be kept free and clean.
  • In R.C.C. framed structure, the number of columns or the beams should be even and not odd.
  • The beam should never run above the machines & the workers.
  • The finished goods should be stored in the Northwest corner of the area.
  • A pooja room or a temple should be in the northeast corner and should be kept neat and clean.

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Vaastu for Office
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Vastu of office require proper analysis and orientation of business house, here are some tips for Vastu office:

  • East / North facing office is considered good 
  •  The square or rectangle site is best for office structure.
  • Water resource  must be placed or installed in North-east of the office.
  • The main head or owner of the business organization must face north while working or dealing with client.
  • Northern or eastern sides are suitable for executive and other staff.
  • Managerial level and other high level people in the office must be made to sit in Southern or Western portion so that they must face North or East while sitting in office
  • North-east portion of office should be left empty with water resource installed.
  • Toilets should be built in West or North-western side. Avoid toilet in South-east, North-east & East.
  • Pantry should be constructed in South-east.
  • Staircase is best made in South, South-west or West. Avoid stairs in centre or Brahmsthan of office.
  • Reception and cashier must be designed in North-east.
  • If there is temple in the office construct in North-east.
  • Do not make employees sit under the beam.
  • Waiting room can be made in North-west or North-east.
  • Accounts department should be located in south east

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Vaastu for Shops and Showrooms
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Some beneficial Vastu tips for Shop/Showroom are as follows:

  • Owner of shop must sit South or West portionis best  must face East or North.
  • Plot or site of shop must be in regular shape such as rectangular or square and avoid irregular or cut property.
  • Any irregularity or extension from wrong direction may bring bad luck, losses in business.
  • Entrance of shop is recommended in East or North-east.
  • Cash counter must be installed towards North and while locker or cash room should be constructed towards South-west opening in North.
  • Keep heavy material such as raw material or dumping stuff on the South-west portion.
  • Computer, television or other electronic equipment must be incorporated in South-east corner of shop.
  • Make sure main door and other doors of shop must not make noise

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Vaastu for Hospitals
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  • Construction of operation theatre should be done in Western portion of hospital.
  • All the medical equipments must be placed in South-east of hospital room.
  • Patient’s room should be ventilated with more windows from Eastern sides.
  • Store room in the hospital should be placed above the ground and all the equipments, medications, apparatus etc should be arranged in South-west or West
  • ICU and recovery rooms should be built in South-west portion of hospital for quick recovery.
  • Water arrangement should be done in the North-east.
  • Toilets must be built in North-west or West and avoid any other location for toilet.
  • Kitchen in hospital must be placed in South-east.
  • Doctor’s room should be constructed in regular shape which is essential to doctor’s prosperity and success.

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Vaastu for Hotel Restaurants
Vaastu Image
  • It is advisable to make sitting arrangement of restaurant on first floor only.
  • Main entrance of the restaurant should always be from East or North.
  • Reception in restaurant should be better placed in Northern side.
  • Storage room to store raw material, grains etc must be ideally placed inSouth-west.
  • Kitchen in the restaurant should always be held in South-east and avoid other location or direction for kitchen.
  • Keep the location of restaurant well recognized because Vastu defected locations can affect the flourishing business of restaurant.
  • Keep the North-east of restaurant clean and tidy and also incorporate water source such water fountain here.
  • Toilets should be located in North-west or West of restaurant.
  • Generators, invertors, geyser and other electrical equipments should be placed in South-east only.
  • Always tint your restaurant wall with light shades and avoid dark and complicated colours.
  • Shape of the plot in commercial place plays a significant role in making business healthy and wealthy, so Vastu suggests having regular shape plot for restaurant.
  • Restaurant should not be dark and dingy instead it should be well ventilated and lighted place.
  • People sitting on the reception or owner must face East or North direction while receiving payment.
  • Avoid beams, pillars, and arches in the restaurant premise as brings loses.

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Vaastu for Hostels
Vaastu Image

Some general tips for hostel are as follows:

  • Building of hostel must be in regular shape such as rectangular or square and
  • Stairs in hostel should be constructed in Southern or Western portion.
  • Administration, staff and warden must be given South-western part of hostel to stay.
  • Rooms of students must be constructed in North-west.
  • Toilets must be made in North-west.
  • Canteen can be constructed in South-east side.
  • North-eastern zone should be left for lawn or garden area.
  • Bed in hostel room should be kept in such a way that while sleeping students head face South or East and feet towards North or West.
  • Avoid any beam in the hostel room and if there is any then do not make students sit or sleep under beam.
  • Study table in the hostel room should be kept facing North or East and must not fall against the entrance.
  • Bed in the hostel room should not be kept just front of the entrance.
  • Eastern side of hostel room should have maximum windows to get morning sunlight which is essential for students and their studies.

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Vaastu for Conventional hall
Vaastu Image
  • Stage in the marriage hall should be positioned ideally in West so that Couple sitting on it faces East.
  • Entrance is ideal in East or Northdirection.
  • Plot of the marriage hall should be in regular shape for instance square or rectangle while avoid round or oval shape banquet hall just for the sake of decoration.
  • Electrical equipments including dance floor, music system and even transformer must be located in South-east.
  • Cooking arrangement must also be in South-east only.
  • Parking should be constructed in North-west or South-east.
  • Arrangement for food and snacks should be directed towards North-west or North.
  • Sitting arrangement for guests must be in South-west or it could be in North.
  • Mandap for marriage must be arranged in North-east being the Ishaan corner and sacred place while fire must be burn in South-east corner.
  • Toilets in marriage hall must be made in North-west or West.
  • Room of owner should preferably be constructed in South-west.
  • Stairs in the hall could be place in South, West or South-west as per Vastu.

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Vaastu for Institutions
Vaastu Image
  • The Entrance should be in East or North-east direction.
  • Leave more space towards the East and North-east while other parts like South, West and South-west must be used for construction.
  • Classrooms should be made with entrance in East and blackboard in West.
  • Platform of teacher’s desk must be made some feet high from the ground.
  • Beams in the classroom must be constructed carefully ensuring that no student sit under the beam.
  • Staff room must be made in North-west.
  • Toilets should also be built up in the North-west direction.
  • Pantry or canteen in the institute should be made in South-east corner.
  • Owner or principal’s office must be constructed in South-west or South direction only so that she/he can sit facing North.
  • Meeting rooms must be situated in North with east facing door.
  • Open play ground should be constructed in the Eastern portion.
  • Reception and cashier room must be located in Eastern or Northern side.
  • Library in the institute can be made in Western portion.

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Vaastu for Banks
Vaastu Image
  • It is ideal to locate a bank in North or East direction as this direction is ideal for construction.
  • Avoid any kind of obstruction in the main door of bank and entrance is recommended towards East or North-east or North.
  • South-east corner of bank should be made into Manager’s room and person sitting their face towards North.
  • Cash counters must be placed in North with cashier facing East or North-east.
  • Use wooden counters for cash.
  • Employees of bank or staff must be seated in West.
  • The main cash room where all the cash is accumulated must be placed in South or South-west opening towards North.
  • There should always be some water source in North-east which is most auspicious.
  • Colour play a significant role in making and stabilizing wealth matters, so Yellow is prominent colour.
  • Things like files, papers and other junk stuff must be kept at South-west.
  • Stationary can be placed in North-west corner.
  • Cash deposit counters must be located in the North direction of bank.
  • Payment counters can placed western portion.
  • Keep stairs in West, South-west or South-east.

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Vaastu for Warehouse Godown
Vaastu Image
  • Choose factory in East, North or North-east direction in order to bag and make more profit in long-run.
  • The entrance of factory must be in East direction and main gate should be huge with two shutters.
  • The owner’s office should be constructed in the East or North portion while owner must sit facing North for all kind dealing and discussion.
  • For early dispatching and good profits, make the provision of keeping finished goods in North-west.
  • South or South-west area is appropriate for workshop and maintenance work.
  • Electrical equipments, meters, generators, boilers etc must be located in the South-east direction as it facilitates the smooth functioning and alleviates accidents.
  • Toilets in the factory must be constructed in the South-east or North-west portion while septic tank must be build in North-west/North or South-east/South.
  • Raw material or stacks must be dump in South-west corner.
  • Machines heavy or lighter should be located in North or East sides but avoid centre, North-east or North-west.
  • Tube-well or bore well must be made provision in North-east and this area should be kept light and clean. Overhead tanks must be placed in South-west.

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