Vaastu for Hostels
Vaastu Image

Some general tips for hostel are as follows:

  • Building of hostel must be in regular shape such as rectangular or square and
  • Stairs in hostel should be constructed in Southern or Western portion.
  • Administration, staff and warden must be given South-western part of hostel to stay.
  • Rooms of students must be constructed in North-west.
  • Toilets must be made in North-west.
  • Canteen can be constructed in South-east side.
  • North-eastern zone should be left for lawn or garden area.
  • Bed in hostel room should be kept in such a way that while sleeping students head face South or East and feet towards North or West.
  • Avoid any beam in the hostel room and if there is any then do not make students sit or sleep under beam.
  • Study table in the hostel room should be kept facing North or East and must not fall against the entrance.
  • Bed in the hostel room should not be kept just front of the entrance.
  • Eastern side of hostel room should have maximum windows to get morning sunlight which is essential for students and their studies.